Connoisseurs of wine also tend to pair their love for wine with an appreciation for cats. And who could blame them? And when a wine lover owns a cat, it is only befitting that they give the cat a wine name. So what are some of the wine names that are perfectly fit for a cat? Let’s take a look at some of these names.


One such name is Pinot, which is an elegant and delicious wine. Giving such a name to a cat shows that the cat is fussy and is to be revered. As such, it is a name that fits Sphynx cats which are characterized by hairlessness, curiosity and are to be respected.


This is an off-the-top-of-your-head name to baptize your cat. Being the name of the best wine and usually not affordable, it is only appropriate to give this name to a Bengal cat for it is rare and expensive.


Not necessarily a wine name, malo, in this case, is short for malolactic fermentation. This is the process that makes Chardonnay that is buttery, round and oaky. This name is ideal for an orange tabby cat which displays qualities such as being affable though fat and a tad lazy.


This is the wine-making method that gives white wines their rich and creamy feel. Without the wine-making process, the wine would probably not be as good. In the case of cats, some cats are generally small but compensate with their long hair. As such, this names dramatically defines them.


Also known as Garnacha, the name made a list because it’s the name of wine but also the name of a mythical creature that was furry. And what better cat to befit the title than the Persian Cat that is ornamental and has a musical voice but also has a lot of hair.


This is the measure of sugar level in the grapes that are fermented to make wine and ultimately the ratio of potential alcohol content that is to be gotten. Brix is therefore ideal for a munchkin cat for it is a sweet cat, small in size and a people-pleaser.


Picked from the wine vocabulary to refer to a magnum bottle which is an extra-large bottle of wine. This name is a perfect fit for a ragamuffin cat which besides being friendly, is likely to overeat.


This refers to an ancient vessel that was used to ship wine, and that was worshiped by natural winemakers. This name can be given to a Siamese Cat as it is an imperial cat and has a mind of its own. It also fancies being worshiped.

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