What is the ideal price for a fine bottle of wine? That is no doubt a commonly asked question by wine drinkers around the world. There are different wine brands, and this means that they have varying prices. The price of wine is mostly determined by the quality and at times the experience of the winemaker. Also, age is a common factor in the determination of the price of wine. There have been many incidents in the wine drinkers’ world shocked by the mindboggling prices chucked out by some wine enthusiasts. So, why so much money for a single bottle of wine? Here are incidents that will prove that what you pay for your wine is not extravagant as you may think.

When you speak about France, the first thing that comes to mind is their amazing restaurants and fine wine. Well, they have not been left behind in having some expensive wine. A bottle of Petrus from Pomerol in France was sold for a whopping $2,733. This amount can comfortably purchase several bottles of the infamous Herald line of vintages. What triggered the cost of this Petrus vintage? Perhaps it might have been too old, or any other wine in the world cannot match its quality. All we can do is speculate since only the buyer knows for sure.

Apart from the expensive Petrus, Germany is home to the world’s most expensive wine. And with the length of the wine’s name –Egon Muller Scharzhofberger Trockenbeerenauslese- you can understand why it costs a staggering $9,087 per bottle.

The vintages are not the only expensive wines in the world. New age wines have proved to be worth hefty amounts of money. There are various auction sites where you can bid on the Cabernet Sauvignon from the Screaming Eagle Winery, and you should expect to pay around $2,908 for a bottle. Some people can bypass the auction site and buy directly from the winery. However, only members can enjoy this privilege. Therefore, you should sign up to enjoy this privilege, but you must be ready to be put on a waiting list that does not allow you to make any purchase immediately.

The amounts paid for these wines is money that could get many things done. But for the love of wine, you could do anything to get your favorite brand. On that note, you should no longer feel sorry for spending a good amount on your wine but do not be extravagant!

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