Wine is always associated with class, and this explains why fascinating vocabularies are adopted in the ‘wine language’. One of the most striking words use by wine lovers is “Accoutrement”. What are your accoutrements? Do you know the meaning of this word? Well, accouterment is a classy word that simply means the “wine stuff”. These are the things you need for you to enjoy your wine in a fancy way. There are numerous gadgets and accessories available across the globe and they all promise to make your wine drinking experience unforgettable. So, what are some of the accoutrements that will take your wine drinking experience a notch higher? Let us have a look.

Wine opener

There are different types of wine opens and they all serve the same purpose. However, the difference is usually the efficiency. Firstly, there is the classic wine opener that requires you to use some energy to get the cock out of the bottle. Then there is the wine opener with two flat prongs that are supposed to be inserted on the sides of the cork and then twist to pull the cork out. However, this opener will most likely disappoint as it further pushes the cork into the bottle. This means you have to use the classic corkscrew to remove the cork deep inside the bottle. The best wine opener is the rabbit ear. You merely need to use the two handles to hold the bottleneck; pull a lever, and the corks come out almost immediately. The rabbit ear wine opener is undoubtedly the crème of wine openers so you should be sure to get one.


After you have removed the cork, it is time to drown your wine. However, there are two types of wine drinkers. One who drinks directly from the bottle and one who pours their wine into a glass. In the world of wine, it always considered couth to pour wine into a glass. So, which type of glass do you intend to use to sip your wine? Well, there are numerous designs for wine glasses, but that does not necessarily mean that you should beat yourself for not having the best glass. Simply enjoy the wine!

If you happen to open a red tannic wine, be sure to aerate the wine. Aeration helps in softening the tannins to give the wine a more prolific taste. There are different types of ways to aerate your wine. You can choose to simply leave the bottle open or adopt modern aerators, which range from traditional decanters which might take some time to aerate the wine and electric devices which may kill the tannins.
It is time to enhance your wine drinking experience and there is no better way to do so than by acquiring wine drinking accoutrements.

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