Well, my answer to the above question is actually a firm ‘yes’. By absolute, I mean that wine with a 95 point score in American should be equivalent to the one with 95 points in South Africa. It is only through that where scoring can be meaningful. However, you will concur with me on the point that wine scoring is such an essential topic despite it being tedious. The points below will help explain my answer to the question above
Today, scoring of wine is subjective and flawed.

There is no way rating of wine through tasting without scoring can give a logical explanation of how wines rank up. Actually, it is only possible where one is familiar with the scoring patterns of the person doing the rating, something that is highly illogical and ridiculous.
A wine rating is not a foolproof science, hence shouldn’t be taken as an exact scoring. Therefore people should take this scoring with so much seriousness.

In recent years, it has been noted that score inflation has been so widely spread.

As a matter of facts, no winery will dare quote score from critics that gave them low rating but rather the highest score from other critics. The point here is that most critics are giving out absurd and incorrect scores. For instance, a 95 point score in Australia is not something to boast about.

Rather than making scoring a holistic evaluation, today it has been reduced to a reductionist and complicated method.

The only sensible alternative, therefore, is where the best wine in each region compares favorably with other wines in other areas. This way, wine with a 95 point is an excellent wine and in the same category as the other wines with the same score in all other regions in the world. I do not see any other fair way to address this mess we have found ourselves in about wine score other than absolute scoring.

To be fair to everyone regardless of the region where you find yourself in, I advocate absolute scoring of wines. This mode of rating wine presents a level playing field for all players in this industry. Since most critics are kind of biased towards the well-established and famous region, this is the only way to bring about democracy. With an absolute rating of wines, wine in Spain can be seen as an equivalent of another classic wine in Barolo.

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