Italian food is not all about pasta and pizza. The Italian cookbook Pinot, Pasta, and Parties show this by guiding you in the cooking techniques of the Italian.

Additionally, it includes the wines that you should pair with the meals it guides you in cooking. Without much further ado, let’s sample some of the Italian food sets and their wine pairings.

To start your wine party off is Aperitivo or something to whet your appetite. This includes figs in a blanket. So what does the recipe entail? There are many variations to it. You can try some pineapple or coupling of bacon with dates. The fruit’s juicy and sweet is balanced by the salt from the meat. The Aperitivo is paired with a fizzy Lambrusco that hails from Emilia-Romagna. It is ideal as it is not only refreshing, but it readies your palate for more.

Next in line is the Antipasto or in this case, the Zuppa di Pesce. This will blow the minds of fish lovers at your party. The main ingredients are shellfish and additional marine fish. Following the enlisted instructions will result in a most delicious soup. The soup is then paired with some Pinot Grigio, especially from Trentino-Alto Adige.

The next step is the Primi, in this case, Lentil soup. The recipe makes for some healthy and tasty food that is easy to make. This meal goes well with some Sangiovese wine, especially from the Chianti Classico region.

The next course is the Second in the form of Ossobuco. A meat stew, it is a delicious Italian specialty that takes the crown for the most celebrated meat stew. Since the meal is ‘bold’, it is only fair to pair it with a bold wine: the Nebbiolo, especially from Barbaresco.
The next step in the Italian set is Contorni or in this case, roasted summer vegetables. This makes for a tasty meal, yet easy to make. And the good thing is that you don’t need to have unique ingredients from the grocery store. The ingredients are the usual veggies in your fridge.

After Contorni, you have Insalata. In this case, you can make some Fennel and Blood orange salad. This will result in a mouth-cleansing salad that is easy to make.

Finally, we have the Dolce, and it’s best to make some Italian cheesecake and top it off with lemon curd. This makes for a wonderful dessert and the ingredients are quite common. It is then paired with some Limoncello.

Those are the seven steps to an Italian set with the wines to pair them with. In the event of a wine party, you’ll earn some additional points with this knowledge.

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