Are you looking for a fresh and exciting idea for your next gathering? Why not call up your friends who are adventurous and love a good red or white wine for a wine tasting party? This is a great way to spend time with your close friends or family and to find a new wine that is a must have at your home.

While you might think a wine tasting is something you do in the vineyards, you can successfully have a wine tasting party right in your own home. Here are some of the top tips you need to remember when you’re planning your tasting party and what you need to do to make it a successful one.

Choosing the Wine

There are a few things to consider when choosing the wine you’ll try out. What time of year is it? Are you going to be inside on a cold night sipping by the fireplace? Perhaps you’ll be outside enjoying a beautiful warm evening. Either way, this should factor into the types of wine you’ll purchase for the tasting.

Consider using a specific variety such as Rose or Pinot Noir and try different varieties of the specific wine you chose. You want to also keep in mind the people coming to your event. What do they typically like to drink and how can you intertwine that into the tasting?

A few other points to consider when choosing your wine are:

  • The region where it originates from
  • Different price points but of the same type of wine
  • The different variety of grapes offered
  • The various regions it comes from, for example, Napa Valley

Don’t Forget the Food

You don’t want your guests hungry while they are enjoying the wine tasting party. However, you can’t pair just any food with your wines. Consider the type of wine you’re having and then decide on the food selections you’d like to offer.

Cheese plates are a great way to complement most any wine tasting event. There are many varieties of cheese which leaves the options open for pairing with your wine. Also, you could consider finding all the tried and true pairing combinations to offer as an appetizer buffet.

The Tasting

Remember that the sparkling wines you choose should be very cold before serving. White wines can be served chilled and red wines should be a cooler room temperature for the best taste. Find a wine tasting card you can pass out to your friends to get them talking and rating the wines they enjoy the best. Give each person around two-ounces of each wine in a glass and get the tasting and chatting started.

You’re sure to enjoy the event and maybe even find a new favorite wine to pair with your meals.

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