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Welcome to Sonoran Tasting Tours!

Here’s our story.

Dear Visitors,

Thank you for joining me on this journey! I decided to start this business Mother’s Day 2014. Some of my favorite moms and I went wine tasting in Sonoita. To keep it safe and fun, my nephew was our designated driver. During the various stops we noticed others following the same path to each winery, but they didn’t have the comfort of knowing a grumpy and embarrassed teen was there to keep them safe. That’s when the idea came to me, a tour business that provided a safe and comfortable journey so others could enjoy visiting several wineries. Over the next year I gave the business some thought, but didn’t jump in. My husband and I had just adopted two little girls, bringing the kid count to four, we already had two teen boys. The timing of starting a new business didn’t quite feel right.

Mother’s Day 2015, same favorite moms (my mom, sister, sister in law and her mom) again went wine tasting. We had learned some things from the first year. We made sure to have food and extra water, start earlier so we didn’t have to rush, and bring a box to hold all the wine! My nephew was again driving his fun loving family around and it became immediately clear, this was a business I wanted to start and to bring to Southern Arizona. Taking the lessons I had learned on our tours, there will be lunch included, a place in the van to hold wine and someone less embarrassed to drive you around, my “little” brother Tony is joining the adventure. To get this started I contacted one of my best friends, Jennie and with her expertise the business has been set in motion. It took less than 2 and ½ months (plus 1 year) to start the tours rolling.

As the business grows, so will our story and we’re excited to share and enjoy it with you.

I look forward to meeting you!


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Sonoran Tasting Tours, LLC
Tucson, Arizona 85718
Email: info@sonorantastingtours.com
Phone: 520-338-9302


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