When most people think about sushi, the wine that comes to mind is sake, and they are justified in believing that. Sake in Japan is known as the rice wine. However, it heavily leans towards beer than to wine. As for sushi lovers who double as wine lovers, there is the need to find a grape-based drink that marries well with sushi. And since sushi is a diverse type of food with regional variations of it, it means that there are numerous flavor options to try out on.


Albarino boasts of diverse flavors that include lime, blossom, lemon and green peas. It is also high in acidity and has a tad bitterness. It is usually paired with Panko, it brings out its oiliness and marries well with the sauce’s acidity.

Grüner Veltliner

Originating from Austria, these wines are characterized by a high level of acidity with flavors of green peas, lemon, white pepper, and lime. It resonates splendidly with Dragon Roll. Dragon Roll is the combination of eel, cucumber, crab, eel sauce and avocado. The sharp acidity in the wine complements the richness of the sauce and the sticky rice and its green flavors are in tandem with the avocado and cucumber.


This wine hails from northern Italy and is defined by its peachy and lemony fruit essence and sometimes has a sweetness to it. Prosecco can be paired with chopped scallop roll. Naturally, scallops tend to be sweet and delicate. A creamy scallop roll’s missing link is a bit of sweetness and some acidity to cut through its succulence.

Provenҫal Rosé

This wine is known for its bright acidity and its bone dry nature. It is mostly red-fruit dominated and contains some minerals. It is mainly used alongside seafood, especially a California roll. Its bright acidity will slice through the crab and creamy avocado in the California roll.

New Zealand Pinot Noir

This choice is a relief to the red wine lovers. It boasts a lighter body and some tannin which makes it a great pairing with seafood. However, you should take note of the tannin level as tannin can make the fish taste metallic. However, when married with a Philadelphia Roll, the cream cheese will help ease that effect.

Manzanilla Sherry or Fino

Did you think we wouldn’t include a sherry in the list? Known for their light body and salinity, they couple well with seafood to come up with an intense saline flavor.
Be sure to try out some of these wines when you order some sushi from your favorite sushi place.

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