Wine is always much in demand. As such, in rare cases will the domestic wines in a country satiate the appetite of the wine lovers. There is a need for imports. In 2017, America led as the world’s top importer of wine by value. The year saw her import wine worth $6.2 billion from different nations around the world. This made up for 17.2% of the wine that was imported into the world. This was also a 12.4% increase from 2013. Of the suppliers of its wine, France and Italy took the largest share of the pie. The other providers were New Zealand, Spain, Chile, Australia, and Argentina.

Of the suppliers of wine, New Zealand registered a 50% increase in their imports to the USA. France and Italy also saw serious gains. On the other hand, Argentina, Australia, and Chile saw their shares take a dip.

Australia saw a drop in their wine exports to the USA following the imitation of Yellow Tail which had registered huge success in the market. Also, they had almost taken over the US market when Robert Parker, an influential wine critic, endorsed some of the Australian wines. However, these were mostly different labels that were made with the American market in mind. They were primarily black and made from late-picked grapes, and this made them alcoholic. Unfortunately, many of these brands were unknown in the homeland and thus had no support.

Additionally, many Americans did not fancy them. When Parker was succeeded by Dr. Jay Miller, he noted that Australian wine was in great jeopardy and its future unsettled and his prophesy soon came to pass. Australia was succeeded by New Zealand.

Imports from Greece, Austria, Portugal, Israel, and Canada also rose by more than 15%. Another country that benefited greatly was the UK whose wine exports to the USA rose by 238%. This made England the 15th largest exporter of wine to the US by value.

So what has seen this rise in wine imports in the nation? One can attempt to explain it through market research on millennials who are wine drinkers. It goes to show that of the wine demographic, the millennials are the most curious and exploratory in terms of wine tastes. This has seen them become the largest wine buyers in the country by volume. The Wine Market Council has also recorded that compared to their parents, the young wine lovers indulge in imported wine 42% of the time while the parents drink 26 to 30% of the time.

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