You probably may be wondering what the difference between white and red wines. Well, white varieties of wine are made from grapes that are light colored, unlike the red types. Red wines come from the dark varieties of grapes. Additionally, red wine contrast with white wine on the fact that the skin of the grapes that make the white wines are peeled off before the fermentation process something that doesn’t happen with the red wine. Removing the skins make white wine not be stored for a more extended period as compared to the red wine. All the same, if you are a white wine enthusiast, here are 4 things you have to put up with as you enjoy your glass of white wine:
Being the odd one out.

Well, if you are a white wine lover, don’t be surprised to find that you are the only one holding a glass of white wine in the room. On the contrary, proud yourself as being unique among your friends. Never feel out of place only because others in the room have a different taste of wine from you. In fact, never let anyone or anything stand on the way of your own opinion – you are entitled to that!
White wine doesn’t age. Thus it’s of much lower quality.

The age-ability of wine is not the determining factor for the quality of a wine. You should, therefore, shun the above statement as a mere fallacy. As a matter of fact, many red wines will take even 10 years and more to age while others are meant to be considered fresh. Additionally, some white wines will take longer to age than the red wines. For instance, Vintage Champagne (take more than 50 years), Rioja Blanco (can be stored up to 20 years) and Boal Madeira (can live a 100 years)
Since white wine is cheap, you got a cheap taste.

This one sounds outrightly ridiculous! Frankly speaking, this statement is logically fallacious since cost doesn’t merely dictate the quality of the wine. With the advancement in technology, making of white wines has been made much more accessible and cost-effective. Consequently, this makes the prizing of white wine relatively different as compared to the reds. Also, the fact that most white wines don’t require extra aging time nor oak aging (oak is expensive), this makes them a bit cheaper.
You are apparently not a serious wine taker

This statement is obviously biased and baseless. Even those wine descriptions that seem to incline much on the red wines as being more significant than white wines have no factual premise. I personally feel that even white wines are excellent and exquisite drinks. So next time someone tells you that you aren’t serious about wine just because you sipping from a sweet and tasty Chenin Blanc wine grass, tell him/her that light-bodied isn’t cheap.

Well, being a white wine enthusiast is not that easy. You have to put up with so much crap only God knows why! So, what have you ever had to put up with as a white wine lover?

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