If you’re getting ready for your wine party, you’re probably on the search for some great appetizer pairings to go with the event. You want to make sure that the food complements the wine instead of clashing with it. Here are 11 appetizer ideas that you can easily pair with your wine tasting party that are sure to shine.

Chocolate and Wine

One delicious combo that pairs so well together is dark chocolate and wine. Consider making up some easy dark chocolate bark that are small bites of deliciousness that mesh well with a variety of wine choices. You can use fruit and nuts to go on top of the chocolate to add a delicious rich bite to the buffet.

Chocolate Covered Nuts

Dark chocolate goes well over almonds with a splash of sea salt on top. You can make these easily at home with your favorite dark chocolate or in some cases you can purchase them already made.


This is a great finger food idea for your wine event. Ham and cheese roll-ups take on a grown-up spin with a poppy seed glaze that takes them over the top.

Fancy Pizza

This is not the typical pizza you pick up for supper on the way home. Consider using a combination of prosciutto and figs for a unique taste that pairs well with many different wines.

Scampi Dip

If you’re featuring white wine at your event, then seafood pairs very well with that wine choice. Consider going for at shrimp scampi dip that your guests are sure to love.

Cheese Straws

Give your guests something easy to snack on as they enjoy the night tasting and chatting. Homemade cheese straws are an easy, crunchy way to add some flavor to the party.

Not Your Typical Popcorn

Consider a different version of your favorite movie time snack to pair with your wine party. You can find recipes all over the internet for more delectable popcorn recipes such as adding sesame glazed pistachios to the mix. This is an easy snack to grab with one hand while you hold your wine glass in the other.


Add this flavorful bite to your appetizer bar to complement the wine tasting itself. There are many recipes out there but one that is sure to please is the buttered parmesan version. It combines three top ingredients including butter and garlic for a taste that will please the crowd.


This is a great pairing with your wine as cheeses are typically one of the top choices to go with wine tasting events. Consider doing a smoky variety of cheese and combine multiple kinds of cheese together to make the perfect fondue. Don’t forget to have items such as bread and fruit to dip in it.

Fruit and Cheese

Don’t forget that roasted fruits and cheese varieties are also a great addition to your wine party.

Brie, Figs, and Walnuts

These items make the perfect combination to complement what is swirling in your glass. You can bake them together to make a delicious appetizer all your guests will love.

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